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20030513: LDM-6.0.10 use and real time statistics reporting (cont.)

>From: Pete Pokrandt <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Wisconsin
>Keywords: 200305121843.h4CIhU7U016942 LDM-6 IDD rtstats


>I'm about to upgrade mapmaker.aos.wisc.edu to 6.0.10 and I see
>there is a 6.0.11 up now as well. Should I use that instead?

Yes.  Steve Emmerson just cut the 6.0.11 release.  It has a fix for
a small bug that was reported just this morning.

>Sunset.aos.wisc.edu will be retired as soon as I can finish setting
>up f5.aos.wisc.edu to take over its feeds and get everyone switched


The reason we want everyone to upgrade all of their machines to at
least LDM-6.0.10 is that versions previous to this will get an error
and exit when attempting to report real time statistics back to
rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu if/when we upgrade that machine to LDM-6.  We
have been keeping rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu at LDM-5.x so that situation
would not happen, but we are anxious to upgrade given how much better
LDM-6 performs than LDM-5.


>From address@hidden Tue May 13 13:43:51 2003

re: use 6.0.11 instead of 6.0.10

>Ok, building now.

re: reason for upgrading to at least ldm-6.0.10

>Gotcha, thanks.


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