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Re: 20030506:IDD-NCDC

Hi Glenn,

Due to our collaboration on many fronts, NOMADS, THREDDS, DODS, I see no
reason why we could not feed you via the IDD.

I do not have your ph #, but that may be moot..All I need is the fully
qualified hostname of the machine you are running the LDM on...( I assume
you have the latest and greatest 6.0.10 loaded) and a verification of the
feeds you will desire..I supect ALL. Keep in mind, propriatary data, such
as FNMOC and GEM output as well as the NLDN are point to point.

Let me know how I can help you proceed, I have a meeting today at 3:30 MDT
so will be gone for the day shortly..


Jeff Weber                                    address@hidden        :
Unidata Program Center                        PH:303-497-8676        :
University Corp for Atmospheric Research      3300 Mitchell Ln       :
http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/staff/jweber      Boulder,Co 80307-3000  :

On Tue, 6 May 2003, Unidata Support wrote:

> ------- Forwarded Message
> >To: address@hidden
> >cc: Ted Smith <address@hidden>
> >From: "Glenn Rutledge" <address@hidden>
> >Subject: IDD
> >Organization: UCAR/Unidata
> >Keywords: 200305021421.h42ELj7U015091
> We are considering hooking up to the IDD at the NCDC NOMADS site, since
> we are seeing missing data from our own NOAAPort receive site.  We are
> hoping to discuss this possiblity with you.  Can someone contact me
> regarding this?   Easier to discuss over phone.  Thx, Glenn Rutlege and
> Ted Smith, NCDC.
> ------- End of Forwarded Message

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