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20030418: change UNIWISC feed from gold to unidata2; upgrade to LDM-6 (cont.)

>From: Bill Noon <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>Keywords: 200304162320.h3GNK07U012403 IDD UNIWISC/MCIDAS LDM-6

Hi Bill,

>I have updated the cornell machines to ldm-6.0.10.
>All seems normal.

Great! Thanks!!

Here are a couple of things that I would appreciate you to modify
on your system:

1) please change your request to 'thelma' from thelma.unidata.ucar.edu
   to thelma.ucar.edu.  Without this change, one can not calculate
   differential latencies (latencies from thelma to snow, for instance)
   since thelma reports its statistics as thelma.ucar.edu.

2) I see two Cornell machines reporting rtstats:  snow and nrcc2.  I
   also see nrcc2 feeding only from snow.  The question for you is
   whether or not nrcc2 is used to feed any downstream sites
   _NOT_ in the nrcc.cornell.edu domain?  If not, i.e., if the
   feed from snow to nrcc2 (or any other machine for that matter)
   is internal only, we would appreciate you removing the reporting
   of real time statistics from nrcc2 (and any other machines you
   bring online).  Basically we want any machine participating
   in the IDD to report stats, and we do not need machines not
   participating in the IDD to provide stats.

One last comment.  We will be embarking on a reorganization of the IDD
topology in the coming weeks.  Part of this reorganization will, I feel
confident, involve Cornell moving its feeds from thelma to
atm.geo.nsf.gov.  'atm', located in the ATM offices of NSF, is a new
4-channel NOAAPORT ingest machine we installed in the past few weeks.
So, if you are of a mind to do so, you could move your data requests
from thelma.ucar.edu to atm.geo.nsf.gov.  'atm' is already setup to
honor your requests (or, at least, I think it is), so you can move
whenever you like.

Again, thanks for the quick action on upgrading to LDM-6 and moving
your UNIWISC feed to unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu.



>From address@hidden Fri Apr 18 15:52:45 2003

>Tom --

re: in ldmd.conf change thelma.unidata.ucar.edu to thelma.ucar.edu

>Didn't realize the difference.  It is fixed now.

re: nrcc2 sending in realtime stats

>That was my mistake.  nrcc2 and nrcc4 are local ingest machines for  
>data redundency.  I brought the new ldm up on nrcc2 first to check it  
>out.  I forgot to comment out the rtstats exec line but caught it a  
>couple of minutes later.  You should not have been getting rtstats from  
>nrcc2 for the last couple of hours.  If you are still getting nrcc2  
>stats, tell me.

re: consider moving feed requests from thelma.ucar.edu to atm.geo.nsf.gov

>I will look at feeding from atm next week.