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20030401: GOES12 Water Vapor product header info

Users of the UNIWISC (aka MCIDAS) IDD data feedtype,

GOES-12 products are now being transmitted in replacement of
the previous GOES-8 (GOES EAST) products.

If you are using pqact.conf pattern/actions to decode and file the
products using the LDM product header information (eg, not using the
McIDAS Routing numbers), you will need to update your matching pattern
for the water vapor products only if your pattern is matching on the wavelength
portion of the product header.

The GOES-8 water vapor products were identified as 6.8um, while the
GOES-12 product headers contain 6.5um in the LDM product identifier.

If you obtained the ldm-mcidas decoders package, the pnga2area pattern

# WV (6.8 um)
MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 (U[^ACXY1]) (.*) (.*)_IMG (6.8)um (.*) (........) (....)

The above pattern should be changed to

MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 (U[^ACXY1]) (.*) (.*)_IMG (6..)um (.*) (........) (....)

For GEMPAK users, the pqact.conf template for decoding water vapor
products using pnga2area should similarly be updated in:

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support