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Re: 20030313: Nexrad images ETL/NOAA


We are speaking of level III data right?

We can feed you the radar data from here if it makes things easier, not
sure what FSL is doing with their radar data.

Phone is OK, but we prefer to maintain e-mail records of things of this
nature, so we do not need to remember all the details when it crops up
again, we can just search our archives..:)

Is the line plot data comma or tab delimited ASCII, how many fields, and
what are the feilds..maybe you can send me a "example" data set so I can
see if and how much work is needed to make them viewable via GEMPAK..

Steve Chiswell maintains the GEMPAK code for us here and we may want to
bring him into this discussion at some point.

I believe you just wanted the base refl tilt from FTG, PUB, CYS, and GLD..

Here is another option...we create a nat'l 1 Km mosaic of the base refl
(N0R) and it is completely navigable, so you could do all your plots on
the same area and be able to zoom in and out..just an idea.

We have our user committee in town today and tomorrow, so a vist this wek
is out, but we have a few slots available next week..

So please send me a sample file of your line plot data, and we can go from

Thank you,

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On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, David Welsh wrote:

> Jeff,
> I have GEMPAK loaded on the computer that is also the LDM server. The 
> pqact.conf
> reqular expression I got for the Nexrad data was wrong by a character. That is
> fixed now and data files are being saved.
> Would it be easier to talk on the phone or have me come over to you to talk
> about GEMPAK, the Nexrad plots, and the possibility of doing the line plot
> overlays? I also have questions about the header line I am getting from FSL 
> and
> knowing what product is in the file. It is not the same as what is shown on 
> the
> Web page 'How to Get NOAAPORT NEXRAD Data via the LDM' where the product is 
> part
> of the header. Do I need to get the data from another source?
> Let me know how you want to move forward.
> Thanks
> Dave