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LDM/IDD Volumes

Hi Bill, 

We at Unidata are investigating the "pay per byte" issue and how it
impacts our community.

With Cornell going through this process currently, and with snow being a
valuable upper level relay node, your input is greatly appreciated.

Our records indicate that you are feeding approximately 11 sites..does
this correspond with the feeds in your ldmd.conf file?

Also, have you been keeping any information regarding the inflow and
outflow of data incurred by the LDM/IDD processes..?

I have some rough "guesstimates" of you ingesting ~ 1 Gb/hour and relaying
about 5 Gb/hour...this may be off.

Are there others (regents, provosts, etc.) that should be considered when
and if opening a dialogue. Do you think the president of Cornell is still
active on this issue given the fact that a new president is coming on

Apologies for so many questions, but we are trying our best to offer up
solutions to this problem that would not negatively impact Cornell's
ability to ingest and relay this valuable data to the scientific and
academic communities..

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.

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