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20030225:AFIT:sat feed

Hey Jeff,

I suspect gusher is not ingesting the sat imagery...

Trying a :

notifyme -vl - -h gusher.atmos.albany.edu -f UNIWISC -o 15000

I do see data...maybe a version issue..


jweber) lenny:/home/jweber 4 % notifyme -vl - -h gusher.atmos.albany.edu
-f MCIDAS -o 15000
Feb 25 19:16:27 notifyme[8423]: Starting Up: gusher.atmos.albany.edu:
20030225150627.803 TS_ENDT {{UNIWISC,  ".*"}}
Feb 25 19:16:27 notifyme[8423]: NOTIFYME(gusher.atmos.albany.edu): OK
Feb 25 19:16:31 notifyme[8423]:    37581 20030225165006.378 UNIWISC 000
pnga2area Q0 CF 1150 GOES-10_SND UNKBAND 20km 20030225 1500

That also returns data...

How is your ldmd.conf request entry worded...any changes?

Try the same commands I did to verify that you are "allowed" from gusher.

If you see prods, like above, you are allowed, so maybe another issue is
at hand ..i.e. pqact.conf.

Let me know,

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