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20030224: setting up LDM for first time

Hi Matt, 

If you have a good base knowledge of Unix/Linux it should not be difficult
at all..

However, I have records of someone else at UNC-A running the LDM.

I have:

 University of North
 Carolina at Asheville


Leigh Orf



I suggest you contact Leigh to see if it is still running. We feed only
one machine per/campus to avoid chewing up bandwidth.

"Fully Qualified Hostname" = the machine name you intend to run the LDM

Good luck and let me know how/if you want to proceed..


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On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Matt Rosier wrote:

> I'm a meteorology student at UNC Asheville and want to set up GEMPAK on one 
> of 
> our weather lab computers running Linux. I know it may be a lot of work, but 
> I 
> assume it's possible from using online documentation and software provided on 
> the unidata site that I'm already registered with.
> From my understanding, I must first set up LDM. From reading documentation, 
> after I install the LDM, I must send an e-mail to the idd-connect list, the 
> only question I have is, what is my "Fully Qualified Hostname"?
> Before I dive into this, do you think it is possible for someone who is 
> fairly 
> new to Linux to set up LDM/GEMPAK/etc on their own?
> Thanks!
> Matt