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20030205: ETA to 60 hours


The ETA grid 212 data through 60 hours is found under the NOAAPORT 
headers ^[YZ].R... KWBE. (60 hours at 0Z and 12Z, and through
48 hours at 6Z and 18Z as I said before).

The "R" in the third position denotes the 212 grid. If you are already decoding
through 48 hours, chances are, your pattern is correct. You may have to look at
the -m flag you are using with dcgrib2 to allow enough room for all the grids
(eg, check your grid file with gdinfo to see if you have maxed out the
number of grids you can fit into the file). I suggest using -m 18000 if
you are specifying the output file. If you are using the gribkey.tbl
template file, then this already sets 18000 as the number of grids in the file.

For the dcgrib2 decoder, if you want an individual line, you could use:
HDS     ^[YZ].R... KWBE
        PIPE    dcgrib2 -d data/gempak/logs/dcgrib.log
                -e GEMTBL=....

I pipe the entire HDS feed of grib products to one invocation of 
dcgrib2 like:
HDS     ^[HOYZ].*
        PIPE    decoders/dcgrib2 -d data/gempak/logs/dcgrib.log
        -e GEMTBL=.....

In both the above, the output file name will be determined from the templates
in $GEMTBL/grid/gribkey.tbl (as will the number of grids, 18000 in the file).

Or, you can specify the output file name on the pqact.conf entry like:
HDS     ^[YZ].R... KWBE
        PIPE    dcgrib2 -d data/gempak/logs/dcgrib.log
                -e GEMTBL=.... -m 18000 YYYYMMDDHH_eta@@@.gem

Dcgrib2 examples can be found in the 
$NAWIPS/ldm/etc/teplates/pqact.gempak_decoders.in file

Steve Chiswell

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200302051524.h15FOi615076

>I have been asked to receive and process the ETA model out to 60 hours.
>We currently are getting the ETA 212 grid out to 48 hours.  I am not sure whic
> h 
>grid number to use, nor what the pqact.conf entry for this would be.
>Can you offer some help?
>David Fitzgerald   
>System Administrator             
>Millersville University  
>Millersville, PA 17551         
>Phone: (717) 871-2394
>Fax:   (717) 872-4725  
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