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Re: 20030203:changing idd relay machine

Hi David, 

Congrats on the new machine!

What we often suggest is bringing up the new machine "gusher", and have it
run in parallel for a time with redwood. Once you are confident that
gusher is stable and getting all feeds desired, notify all those that feed
from you (from your ldmd.conf) to change to gusher from redwood. This will
allow some flexibility for the transition as both redwood and gusher can
offer the feed. Then notify the downstream folks of the "drop dead"
date/time for redwood and all should be feeding from gusher by that time.

Thats how we do it.

I am assuming this does not affect "striker"...;)


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> Hi,
>     The time has come to change the machine we use for our IDD relay.
> To insure continuity of both our local data, and our downstream sites,
> we will probably want to run both idd machines in parallel for some time.
> Is there a "best practices" writeup somewhere on the recommended procedure
> for transitioning from one IDD machine to another? I searched but
> could not find anything - maybe I didn't search hard enough...
> Here is what I was thinking. Lets say we have the following setup
> snow - our primary upstream IDD data source
> redwood - our old IDD relay
> gusher - our new IDD relay
> Can I set up redwood so that it makes requests to both snow and gusher?
> Similarly, can I set up gusher to make requests to both snow and redwood?
> Then ask snow to change their allow statements and be assured of
> continuous data feeds into both redwood and gusher? It seems like this
> should work, but, I want to make sure we are not missing anything.
> Thanks
> David
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