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20030102: DDPLUS|HDS dragging...

>From: "Arthur A. Person" <address@hidden>
>Organization: PSU
>Keywords: 200301021648.h02GmOt23214 IDD

Hi Art,

>I'm noticing that DDPLUS|HDS transmissions to Penn State seem to be
>dragging about 45 minutes behind insertion time... it's even running
>behind the NMC2 insertion feed times by ~15 minutes, which seems unusual.

Yes, this is unusual.

>Is there anything causing this delay on the thelma (or above) end of

There doesn't seem to be.  thelma is feeding our machine in the ATM
offices of NSF, and the latencies for all feeds there are on the order
of a few seconds at most.  thelma is also feeding IDS|DDPLUS data to a
machine at the University of Rio DeJanerio in Brazil.  The latencies it
is seeing are also on the order of a few seconds, so I am pretty
confident that the problem you are seeing is not a result of something
on thelma or in our local networks.

>Other clues...?

I would have to guess that there is some networking strangeness on your
end.   What this might be, I can't say.  We will keep an eye on
things here to rule out things local to us.


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