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20021216: Please stop feeding from motherlode.ucar.edu ASAP

>From: Jerrold Robaidek <address@hidden>
>Organization: SSEC
>Keywords: 200212161834.gBGIYd417346 IDD

Jerry and Pete,

re: moving feed requests off of motherlode.ucar.edu

>At 18:30 UTC, I changed the ldmd.conf on sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu to point to
>thelma.ucar.edu for FNEXRAD instead of motherlode.ucar.edu.  I then stopped
>and restarted the ldm.

Sounds good.  Are you back in the office and ready to work on moving
data feeding responsibility from sunshine to unidata2?  I would like to
get this move finished this week if at all possible.

>I am CC'ing Pete, because I believe sunset.aos.wisc.edu is his machine.

Hi Pete,

We currently see sunset.aos.wisc.edu feeding HDS from motherlode.ucar.edu:

% netstat | grep motherlode.ldm | grep sunset.aos
motherlode.ldm       sunset.aos.wisc.edu.21163 61320      0 64240      0 

So that there is no misunderstanding, you should be changing
sunset.aos.wisc.edu to feed HDS from unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu, _NOT_
thelma.ucar.edu.  Thanks in advance.

>Jeff Weber wrote:
>> Hi Jerry et al,
>> We are still seeing connects from:
>> sunset.aos.wisc.edu
>> and
>> sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu
>> to motherlode.ucar.edu
>> We are not feeding from motherlode any longer and will be using it as a
>> test bed in the near future so we cannot guarantee continued success
>> accessing motherlode. Please change all requests to motherlode.ucar.edu to
>> thelma.ucar.edu and please let us know if you notice any change in your
>> feed performance...you should not notice any difference.
>> Thank you,
>> -Jeff
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Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden Mon Dec 16 12:05:06 2002
>CC: Jeff Weber <address@hidden>, address@hidden,
>   Datacenter Staff <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20021216: Please stop feeding from motherlode.ucar.edu ASAP

Hi Tom,

re: ready to go?

>Yes ... Today is my first day back.

>Let get her moving.

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