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Re: upstream feed request

Hi Ray, 

Nice name!

Ray, we at Unidata offer data to research and educational facilities.
We do not supply commercial or operational entities with data or support.

We cannot guarantee any kind of 24/7 operational status and do not want to
compete with commercial weather vendors.

A suggestion I will offer up is to collaborate with a local University
that participates in the Unidata IDD/LDM topology, and perhaps they can
offer you a feed from them, generally based on some quid pro quo...maybe
some students can learn from your operations, etc...

Please check:


for a list of IDD sites, or feel free to ask me who in your area
(currently unknown to me) may be willing to help...

Thanks for your interest and I wish I could be more helpful.


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On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Ray Weber wrote:

> user: skywarnma
> Site Name: SkywarnMA
> Site Admin: Ray Weber (address@hidden)
> Phone: 413-739-1680
> IDD hostname: weather.ne.client2.attbi.com
> Multihome backup hostname: wsr88d.ndws.com
> Thanks, 
> Ray Weber