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20020925: LDM, access denied


Harry said his LDM went down last night. It appears to be up now.

Steve Chiswell

>From: Mike Voss <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200209251619.g8PGJO107161

>I've been feeding off sunny89 as aeolus.ucsd.edu has been unreliable. Last nig
> ht my connection to sunny89 went south and I'm not sure why. Here is what has
>  been showing up in my log file:
>Sep 25 12:36:35 rossby sunny89[9059]: FEEDME(sunny89.atmos.washington.edu): RP
> C: Program not registered
>Sep 25 14:44:55 rossby sunny89[9059]: FEEDME(sunny89.atmos.washington.edu): 7:
>  Access denied by remote server
>I don't get anything with notifyme either. I have failed back to aeolus and da
> ta is flowing so this is not an emergency. Also, I believe this is unrelated,
>  I have never been able to get the NNEXRAD feed from you.
>Mike Voss                                
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>San Jose State University                        
>One Washington Square                      
>San Jose, CA 95192-0104   
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