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Re: 20020903: IDD failover site for SJSU needed

Hi Mike, 

Working on finding an appropriate site for you..

I am in conference most of the day tomorrow but hopefully can resolve

I am thinking about :


Will you be so kind as to run a traceroute to that domain to test
connectivity and attach the results back to me..

Thank you,

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On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Unidata Support wrote:

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> >To: address@hidden
> >From: Mike Voss <address@hidden>
> >Subject: IDD failover site needed
> >Organization: SJSU
> >Keywords: 200209031516.g83FGHZ27792 IDD failover
> Hello,
> I would like to request a new failover site. I am currently feeding to
> rossby.met.sjsu.edu from aeolus.ucsd.edu. In the past I used typhoon at
> UCLA and nimbus at Arizona, but both of these machines were downstream
> from aeolus, which left me out of data when aeolus went down. Since I'm
> now feeding directly from aeolus I need a different failover. Is this
> something I should broadcast and see if there is anyone offering? Also,
> I'm happy to become a serious relay node.
> Note:
> Aeolus is currently down, and I have failed over to
> nimbus.atmo.arizona.edu for the short term, so this is not an
> emergency. However, like I said nimbus is not a good failover because
> it is normally downstream of aeolus.
> thanks!
> Mike
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