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Re: 20020827: Changing IP numbers (fwd)

Hi Patrick, 

You should look into your ldmd.conf file and notify everyone that either
feeds from you, or you feed from. If you know the exact date and time of
the switch, it would be useful to include that information, if it is
impending, you may desire to send out the notice so they are aware of the
future change to come and can prepare by either the final word from you
when you know it is going to switch.. Will the name stay the same?

If so DNS will pick it up and propogate it quickly throughout the network,
generally less than a day, but if the name of the machine is changing as
well it is VERY important to coordinate with all your feeds and hosts.

Some sites may be requesting solely by IP, or feeding solely by IP so it
is in everyones best interest to have as much info and lead time..

If you need contact info for these sites check:


It should be current....but only as good as the info I get from the sites

Thanks for the update!

Keep us posted, 

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> Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 13:26:41 -0500
> From: "Market, Patrick S." <address@hidden>
> Subject: Changing IP numbers
> Steve:
> Hello.  I am writing to inquire if/how I contact the sites that feed
> our ldm.  We are moving to a different building even as I write this.  
> As a result, our Sun network is on a new subnet and I have new IP
> numbers for all of our machines, especially bergeron, our server.
> My question is:  Do I need to notify people at those sites which feed
> ours (stokes.metr.ou.edu, for example), and if so, what information do
> I need to send (new IP #) and when?
> Sorry to be so thick about this, but I'm not the sysadmin by choice...
> Thanks,
> Pat
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