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20020808: Access to IDD data feeds (cont.)

>From: Luis M Farfan <address@hidden>
>Organization: CICESE - BCS
>Keywords: 200207250019.g6P0Jj917060 IDD

Hi Luis,

Sorry to have taken so long to respond to this note...

>this note is to provide information for an evaluation of our capability 
>to receive real-time data from an IDD feed.
>Our computer is a Sunfire 4800 running SunOS 5.8.
>Its full name is:  calafia.cicese.mx
>                and IP:

Immediately after getting your email, I ran a couple of connectivity tests
to this machine, and I was greatly encouraged by what I found.  It looks
as though you will be able to ingest just about anything in the IDD that
you want and not be limited by your network connection!

>Physically, the computer is located in Ensenada, Mexico, approximately 
>100 miles south of San Diego, California.

OK.  It is always interesting to know exactly where machines are housed.

>As we speak, we are in the process to install the LDM (version 5.2) 
>software and hope to have this task completed soon.

Excellent.  I will get another Unidata staff member involved in identifying
primary and failover feeds sites for you.

>Please, let us know if additional information is needed.
>Regards, Luis M Farfan.

>>From: Luis M Farfan <address@hidden>
>>Organization: CICESE - BCS
>>Keywords: 200207250019.g6P0Jj917060 IDD
>>In order to participate in the IDD system, could you please provide
>>instructions on the process we need to follow?
>>What we need to do at this point is:
>>1) you need to identify a machine at your institute that is capable of
>>   running an LDM and has sufficiently fast internet access so that an
>>   IDD feed is feasible.  If you provide us with the machines full
>>   name and IP address, we can run some tests that will assess its
>>   internet connection.
>>2) if it looks like your machine is capable of successfully participating
>>   in the IDD, we will need to identify a primary and feed site that
>>   can provide you with the feeds that you are interested in.


>From address@hidden Fri Aug 23 09:47:17 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020808: Access to IDD data feeds (cont.)

thanks for the note.

We are ready to start receiving the real-time data from the primary and 
failover feed sites.
I assume that Jeff Weber will provide the specific information on these 

We appreciate your assistance and will let you know how things go for us!
Luis M Farfan.

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