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Re: losing products


>  It gets confusing with me working for two
> different groups (NSBF/NMSU where we are on IDD,
> and Universal where we have an SDI box).
> This question was for Universal where we ingest NOAAPORT
> on our SDI.  Which version of SDI software is okay?

Sorry, I don't know the details of what version of the SDI NOAAPORT
ingester wunderground.com is running.  I'm CC:ing chiz on this note in
case he knows.  According to this:


  The most recent NOAAPORT ingestor changes appeared in version
  2000jun06, so your ingestor is up-to-date if it's running version
  2000jun06 or later.

there haven't been any recent updates.

I don't think any version of the SDI systems is free of bugs, its just
that the older version we think may be in use at wunderground.com has
a different set of bugs and doesn't seem to drop the same NOAAPORT
products as in the current version.  So if we feed from both
wunderground.com and our other two SDI sites, we seem to get a more
complete set of products, in that there are a few products each our
from wunderground.com that are not seen at the other sites, and
probably vice-versa.

We reported the problems with dropped NOAAPORT products, but we don't
know the status of efforts to fix the problem.  Maybe it would help if
other SDI customers reported the problem as well.