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Hi Adam, 

Sorry for your angst with GEMPAK, I will forward to Steve, he will have an

For NOGAPS please contact:


The NOGAPS is currently being delivered point to point from FNMOC..

Thank you,

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On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, adam  taylor (994) wrote:

> Um....  You know how they say that the gempak decoders will make the
> appropriate directories??  Well they don't.  The surface directory that
> the DCMETR was suppose to write to was not even there.  No wondering it
> kept flushing the buffer.  It had nowhere to put the data it was
> processing.  As of right now i am still having a couple of pbuf_flush
> problems but i noticed that a good chunk of the directories that were
> suppose to be created are not there.  Thinking this may be a HUGE piece of
> my problems.  I'll let you know what is going on and tell you if this
> fixes my problems.    
> Also, do you think that you could foward this email to the gempak people
> and ask them what is going on.  I was told the the decoders were suppose
> to automatically create the directories.
> One, more thing...What do i have to do to get the NOGAPS feed??
> Thanks,
> Adam Taylor