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Re: 20020709: request for access change at SSEC

Hi David, 

Just got back from vacation, enjoy yours!

I will follow through on your feed request from gold..

Is MCIDAS the only feeed you want from gold? I will assume so unless I
hear back..

Thank you,

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On Wed, 10 Jul 2002, Unidata Support wrote:

> >To: address@hidden
> >From: "David Wojtowicz" <address@hidden>
> >Subject: request for access change at SSEC
> >Organization: UIUC
> >Keywords: 200207101913.g6AJDCa26231
> Hi,
>  squall.atmos.uiuc.edu continues to have significant problems.  I have 
> requested
> that downstream users switch to flood.atmos.uiuc.edu as the primary UNIDATA 
> feed
> machine (in addition to NNEXRAD and NMC2).   However I am still getting my
> upstream MCIDAS feed through squall from gold.ssec.wisc.edu.
> I'd like to be able to get MCIDAS directly feed to flood.atmos.uiuc.edu.
>  I've attempted to contact both of the addresses listed on the IDD site list
> page for SSEC but have gotten no response.  Is there someone else I should
> contact?  Could you forward this request.... (I am going out of town... 
> already
> have flood requesting MCIDAS from gold, so it should work when access is
> allowed)
>  Thanks!