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20020703: NEXRAD Level III data in WSI format (cont.)

>From: Louis Nguyen <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/Langley
>Keywords: 200206241856.g5OIuJa26379 NEXRAD imagery


>I'm having no luck with this on angler.  I'm sure it has something to do with 
>the firewall.

I would think so also.

>Could we try it on my offsite machine (cf26.crystalface.nasa.gov) if it's not 
>too inconvenient?

No problem.

>THere's no firewall here.  I can reinstall the software on cf26 and try again.

Please do so.  I changed the allow on atm.geo.nsf.gov (after verifying
forward and reverse name lookup for cf26.crystalface.nasa.gov) so that you
can crank up the LDM on cf26 when you are ready.


No worries.