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20020528: reading NIDS files


If you just want to uncompress the NIDS product and write out the
product without the zlib compression, several examples of small
converter programs are available:

Dan Vietor's ucnids.c program:

Pete Pokrandt's Perl script:

If you are looking for raster values generated from the radials
contained within the products, then that is a different question.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Tue, 28 May 2002, Michal Kraszewski wrote:

> I would like to use GEMPAK to read in and write out the raw data in uncoded 
> format for the Level III NIDS radar products.  I understand that GEMPAK 
> provides the possibility for scripting, and I would like to include this 
> option with writing out raw data to a file.
> I have been sucessful in reading the raw NIDS products in GEMPAK.
> Has anyone been able to write out data from GEMPAK for these products 
> directly to a file?
> If you have been successful with these Level III products, I would appreciate 
> any tips or guidance on how it worked out for you.
> Thanks you very much.
> Michal Kraszewski

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