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Re: Availability of GEM data on the LDM feed

Hi Dov, 

Yes, this approach will work great with us.

Thank you for implementing these feeds!

You may want to include in your e-mail the fully qualified name of the
machine feeding the data (and IP#), since I do not think they will know
where to point their request without that info...

Thanks again,

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On Thu, 9 May 2002, Bensimon,Dov [CMC] wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> The requests asking for access to the GEM data on the LDM have now been
> completed, and all the server names sent to us have been added to our
> ldm.conf file and have been given permission to access the data.  My idea
> was now to respond to each user individually to let them know that they can
> now try accessing the data, as described in the sample email below.  I
> would, of course, CC you on each of these notes.  Is this approach OK with
> you, or do you need to make any changes on your end before each user can see
> our data?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dov
> ****************************************************************************
> ****************************************************************
> (sample email)
> Hello,
> We have received your request for the reception of GEM data on the LDM feed
> and have added your machine adiabat.rwic.und.edu 
> to the list of allowable machines that can access the feed.  Please let us
> know if you can now access the data correctly.
> Cheers,
> Dov
> Dov Bensimon
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