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20020418: Data back timely

>From: "Kevin Polston" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA/NWS
>Keywords: 200204152110.g3FLALa10481 LDM


>It appears everything is running smoothly this morning.  I can't
>explain why the satellite data had such a  hard time of coming through
>yesterday (or days previous).

Network congestion.  It is much harder to send large files (like the
NOAAPORT GINI images) than it is to send small ones (like model output
in grib format).

>But it appears as of now that everything
>is coming back in timely. I will monitor during the day to see how
>things go.  Thought you would be glad to hear that.

One change that is coming up is the switch in feed used to send the
NEXRAD Level III composites.  Last night, we switched the 1 km
N0R base reflectivity product from the NIMAGE feed to the FNEXRAD
feed.  I have also produced a new set of ldm-mcidas decoders, one
of which is used to decode the NIMAGE and FNEXRAD PNG-compressed
imagery.  We will need to work to get your system requesting the
products from your upstream host and modify your pqact.conf file
to decode the images.  This will have to wait until later today
or tomorrow, as I am trying to get out a new release of McIDAS.


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