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Re: LDM feed

Hi Carl, 

The reason I have asked you to be brought into the loop is that Ron White
of Geo-marine.com has asked to subscribe to the Unidata IDD. We support
only universities and affiliated research institutions. So for Ron to
begin getting radar data, either level II or Level III, he would need to
feed from OU and OU would support his LDM.

Mark Laufersweiler is our contact at OU for the LDM and IDD, and obviously
yourself and Kelvin re CRAFT and LEAD. We cannot offer support to
geo-marine.com as it falls outside our charter from the NSF, but what we
do at times like this is hopefully foster a collaboration between entities
where both parties can benefit from the science. So if OU is willing to
support Ron with his endeavors and OU can gain from this exchange, we
encourage the collaboration. This is -completely- your call as your staff
and dep't will be the point of contact for Ron re his feed and support for
their LDM..

PLease let me know if this is not clear and/or how you wish to proceed.

Thank you,

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On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Carl Sinclair wrote:

> Jeff,
> Ron asked me to contact you about obtaining the LDM Level 2 data feed
> from us. Can you give me an update on your status of capabilities? 
> Also, let me know how many radars you'll be interested in...
> Carl
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