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LDM-GEM output

Hello Ekaterina, 

Pleasure "meeting" you. My wife is expecting now as well and I just got
out of neck surgery...hence the delay in contacting you, so sorry.
I hope all is well with the  new addition to your family.

We at Unidata are hoping you could upgrade your LDM to at least version
5.1.2 so we can use the GEM feedtype instead of the EXP feedtype. This
would make that channel cleaner and it would make it easier to request GEM
rather than EXP and load it w/regular expressions to limit the products.
It appears as if your LDM is down so now may be a good time to upgrade to
5.1.2 or 5.1.3. The latter would be preferred but both contain the GEM

Feb 14 17:51:36 notifyme[13244]: Starting Up: ftp.cmc.ec.gc.ca:
20010214175136.313 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
Feb 14 17:51:36 notifyme[13244]: NOTIFYME(ftp.cmc.ec.gc.ca): OK
Feb 14 17:56:36 notifyme[13244]: Timed out after 300 seconds inactivity
Feb 14 17:56:36 notifyme[13244]: Disconnect
Feb 14 17:57:02 notifyme[13244]: NOTIFYME(ftp.cmc.ec.gc.ca): OK

Please feel free to write address@hidden with any questions
during this process and depending upon the question it will be routed
accordingly..probably to me.

It is great that you are willing to distribute the GEM model output. While
I was doing my field work in Greenland on the ice sheet, it was our model
of choice. I am confident once this is announceed and made public you will
have many requests. If the load becomes too large for point to point
distribution we can consider feeding only our top level ingest sites and
let the data fan out from there.


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