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Re: Venexuelan Floods

Hola Vilma, 

You can attach the powerpoint presentation in an e-mail, or place in a ftp
directory for me to access.

Any method that is convenient for you, I should be able to work around.

Or you can place the powerpoint presentation on the web, and I can link to
it, would rather have the actual presentation living here...but,
again..mas o menos.

Thank you so much for following up on this, it is very much appreciated.

Hasta luego,

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On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Vilma Castro wrote:

>              Jeff:
> I have the promised material for the Venezuelan floods
> case study: satellite animations, photographs, text.
> I want to send it to you in an organized way, like a
> power point presentation. 
> What do you suggest?
> Vilma.
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