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19990323: COMET Case Studies and Beyond

>From: Josef Podzimek <address@hidden>
>Organization: .
>Keywords: 199903231635.JAA10960

>Dear Colleague:
>My name is Josef Podzimek, professor emeritus, retired from the
>University of Missouri at Rolla.  I am now living in Groveland, IL.
>In the UNIDATA Newsletter I receive regularly, I found very interesting
>information in the Winter/Spring 1999 issue about case studies on
>CODIAC.  Because among the quoted cases is the case #009 "Severe Icing
>Event" on 6 March 1996, I would like to know under what conditions and
>how I could receive more detailed weather data on this specific day when
>my detailed sampling of snow crystals and icing elemenets in central
>Illinois was performed.  Certainly, I would like to publish the results
>of this sampling and make available my data to other investigators and
>weather forecasters.
>Thank you for your assistance.
>J. Podzimek


Any of the COMET case study data can be downloaded or ordered from the 
CODIAC server at:

There is no charge for downloading the data. It is freely available.

Steve Chiswell