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19990128: COMET Case 014 full case on tape

 > From: Mohan Ramamurthy <address@hidden>
 > Organization: UIUC
 > Keywords: 199901281419.HAA20772 COMET case tape


Sorry about that.  Looks like we forgot to set up the 8mm tape for
case 014.  It is now available.  The link is at the very bottom of the
CODIAC case 014 dataset page.



Mohan Ramamurthy writes:
 > Ethan,
 > I would like to order the complete data for COMET CASE 014 on 8mm tape.
 > However, I didn't see any links that would give me the order form for this
 > case.  I only saw capability to order the 2km RADAR data offline, not the
 > complete dataset.
 > Mohan
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