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19990202: COMET Case Studies

 > From: Ching-Hwang Liu <address@hidden>
 > Subject: COMET Case Studies
 > Organization: Chinese Culture University
 > Keywords: 199901161905.MAA27404 COMET case study

Hello Ching-Hwang,

Ching-Hwang Liu writes:
 > Dear Sir,
 >      For educational purpose, I am interested in obtaining a tape copy of the
 > COMET case study 001 to 013 which are listed in
 > http://www.joss.ucar.edu/cometCases/avail.html

Follow the link for the case(s) you are interested in.  From the COMET
Case Study FAQ (http://www.joss.ucar.edu/cometCases/faq.html#howGetTape),
here are the rest of the steps you need to take, using case 006 as an
    - Click on "Datasets", near top of page; 
    - Click on "COMET Case Study 006: Complete Dataset" (near bottom of page); 
    - Click on "Obtain Data and Information"; 
    - Click on the "Search" button; 
    - Click on the little box next to the Start Time 
    - Click on the "Submit" button; 
    - Fill in the Order Form; 
    - Click on the "Submit" button. 

 > And I am also intested in CD training modules which are listed in
 > http://www.comet.ucar.edu/modules/index.htm

At the bottom of this page is a link titled "How to Buy COMET
Modules".  Follow that link.  At the bottom of the next page is the

    For more information or to place an order, please contact Liz
    Lessard at 303-497-8475 or write care of UCAR/COMET, P.O. Box 3000,
    Boulder, CO USA 80307; (e-mail) address@hidden

 > I am wondering if you can provide me some details about how to make
 > a request? 

Hope that helps.

 > Thank you for your help.
 > Regards,
 > Ching-Hwang
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 > Ching-Hwang Liu, Assistant Professor
 > Department of Atmospheric Sciences
 > Chinese Culture University
 > 55 Hua-Kang Rd., Yang Ming Shan, Taipei, Taiwan 113
 > phone:+886-2-2862-5110, fax:+886-2-2861-5274
 > e-mail: address@hidden, address@hidden
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