Re: [wcsplus] WCS 1.0+ interoperability and application profiles

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Hi Jon,

On Thursday 01 November 2007 17:06, Jon Blower wrote:
Is there a relationship here with the WCPS (Web Coverage Processing

My view is that the WCPS is trying to do something more ambitious which is to extend WCS by defining a coverage processing 'language' to express operations (processing steps) you might want to perform on coverages (such as masking or transformations) as part of your request for data. As such I'm not sure where the overlap is. The WCPS does mention that you can have an arbitrary number of axes (which is good), but I don't think it addresses some of the other issues that 1.0+ is looking at.

... (Is Peter Baumann on this list?)

I don't know, but if he is I'm sure he can answer your question better than I did :)


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