Re: [wcsplus] WCS 1.0+ interoperability and application profiles

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Dear all,

Thanks for all this information - it's good to know that there is
strong support for WCS1.0+ and I agree with the approach being taken
(thanks to Andrew especially for summarizing the issues).  Simple
implementations are good!

Is there a relationship here with the WCPS (Web Coverage Processing
Service)?  (Is Peter Baumann on this list?)

Cheers, Jon

On 11/1/07, stefano nativi <nativi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I'd like to add a couple of general comments:

In a broader picture, this is an interoperability experiment stemming
from the Earth & Space Science Community needs; its implementation
results, recommendations and request for change/enhancement might be
extremely valuable for the geospatial information standardization and
integration initiatives, such as the OGC and the CF-netCDF. In my
opinion, in the next future, initiatives like WCS1.0+ will be
promoted or supported by forum, such as: AGU-ESSI, EGU-ESSI, eGY, etc.

In addition to GALEON phase 1, this effort was urged by the
OGC-UNIDATA interoperability day conclusions, too. WCS 1.0 seems to
be the only implemented specification, so far. In fact, the Earth &
Space Science community asks for simple and "non-invasive"
implementations; a possible solution might be to "clean" the quite
loose WCS 1.0 specification, "slightly" improving it (Andrew
beautifully listed the main points and the solutions which are under
discussion and investigation).

In fact, the WCS1.0+ philosophy is to discuss and keep complexity at
the abstract level, coming up with "simple" implementations -based on
implementation constraints which are effective and bearable for the
ESS community.

A valuable case in point is the asynch issue: in my opinion, WCS1.0+
started a first, open and great forum to discuss about asynchronous
OWS, in general. As I anticipated, we're trying to summarize this
discussion in a white paper in order to provide it as a contribute to
the ESSI and OGC communities.

Another valuable example seems to be the CF-netCDF profile.



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