Re: [wcsplus] asynchronous response

Hi Ethan

On Thursday 11 October 2007 17:50, Ethan Davis wrote:

Dominic Lowe wrote:
> Yes, just to clarify I meant false and serverdecide together didn't make
> sense.
> i.e as a server you can't say "I don't support storage" and then say "I'm
> going to decide whether to or not to store the data".

My take is that the parameters directly indicate what the client can ask
which is not always an exact mapping to server capabilities. So, rather
than your server statements above, I interpret false and serverdecide as
"you can ask me not to store the data" or "you can let me decide".

Having thought about this a bit more I think you're interpretation is the correct one... :)

So to clarify, you are saying that although the server is capable of storage it may be set up not to offer the choice ('true') to the client. But it may offer 'serverdecides' as an option. It may also offer 'false'. Yes I agree that makes sense.