Re: [wcsplus] asynchronous response

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On Friday 05 October 2007 21:15, Ethan Davis wrote:
For Server capabilities, I came up with 3 or 4 capability types and how
to encode those in terms of both store/allowAsync parameters and just
the store parameter:

1) The server has full store/delay functionality

    a) store= {true|false}; allowAsync={true|false}

        [NOTE having dropped PUSH, does "store=F, allowAsync=T" make
        sense? And how do we handle that?]

    b) store={true|false|serverdecide}

        Dominic felt "false" and "serverdecide" didn't make sense
        together (or was it just those two with out "true"). I think
        this combination actually captures the "allowAsync" parameter
        very well. "false" doesn't allow async, "serverdecide" does
        allow async.

Yes, just to clarify I meant false and serverdecide together didn't make sense. i.e as a server you can't say "I don't support storage" and then say "I'm going to decide whether to or not to store the data".
Still reading the rest of your email... :)


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