Re: [visad] Strange rendering depending on axis range

On 5/25/12 12:00 AM, Tomas Pluskal wrote:
Hi Tom,

I was experimenting with your source, and discovered this:

                        double xMin = 1.0;
                        double xMax = 1.0007;
                        double yMin = 0.0;
                        double yMax = 100.0;
                        int xRes = 1000;
                        int yRes = 10;

formally setting the ranges to decimal values fixes the problem for me.

We are visualizing mass spectrometry data, and if the user wants to plot a single mass signal, we need to visualize a narrow range of m/z values, such as 179.0551 ~ 179.0558.

1.0  to 1.00007  did not work, I think this can be expected.
Hmm, why this can be expected?

0.00007/1000 is possibly too small for float precision.


Tomás( Pluskal
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