Re: [visad] Strange rendering depending on axis range


Here's another example of the issue Tomas is talking about (from the MZmine software).

The artefacts appear when the sampling resolution along the m/z axis is high (attachment 1).

They're not present at lower resolutions (attachment 2).

Floating point precision could well be the issue.


On 22/05/12 08:11, Tomas Pluskal wrote:
Hi Tom,

Thank you for the tip.

I would like to try that, but what class should I use instead of the Linear2DSet? There seems to be only Gridded2DDoubleSet, but no equivalent for the linear set.

By the way, please check the other batch of screenshots I sent: There the same issue appears although the spacing between the data points is not so close (around 1).


On May 21, 2012, at 10:41 PM, Tom Rink wrote:

Hi Tomas,

With the Linear2DSet you've defined, the points are pretty close, maybe
too close for single precision. You could try the double-precision version
of the Set classes.


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