Re: [visad] visad with java 1.6

Hi James,

Without a test case it is difficult to diagnose anything. Does the ScaleTest
example program work on your machines? It calls the setAspectCartesian
method. I tried it on my Linux VM with Java 1.6.0_05 + Java3D 1.5.1 with
both Java2D and Java3D, and was unable to force a hang or crash.

If ScaleTest does not hang on your machine, perhaps you could try creating a
small program that uses setAspectCartesian that does, and then I can test it
on my system. If you are unable to create such a program, then your idea of
compiling the latest VisAD code and digging into the problem with your
application on your system is probably your best bet.


On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 3:24 PM, James Fishbaugh <jfishbaugh@xxxxxxxxx>

> Curtis,
> Besides the visAD calls I described in my first email, I'm not sure
> what specifics I can give you.  We did trace the call
> "setAspectCartesian" into the visAD code and it froze on a call to
> "synchronize" (not too surprising) waiting on a map lock.
> James
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