Re: [visad] visad with java 1.6

Hi James,

Sorry to hear about the problems with Java 1.6. Is there any way you could
isolate the problem down to a small example? If so, I can do some testing
with Java 1.6 on my system and see whether I can duplicate the problem, or
maybe even find some kind of fix or workaround.


On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 2:32 PM, James Fishbaugh <jfishbaugh@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello,
> I am having issues with an application written in Java which uses
> visAD to produce the visuals.  Everything works fine when using Java
> 1.5.  However, when using 1.6, we experience problems.  On windows it
> results in the program stalling in what appears to be an infinite loop
> before the display is presented on the screen.  In Linux, the display
> will be presented to the screen and then freeze up.  Sometimes
> however, you can interact normally with the application; but sooner or
> later (usually very soon, like one or two refreshes), when the screen
> is refreshed it will freeze.  We have tracked it down the source of
> the issue and it is in two main areas:
> First, in a call to setAspectCartesian().  It will stall indefinitely
> on Windows here and never present the display.  On Linux, it will
> sometimes stall at this call, but the display is on the screen, with
> its aspect unadjusted of course.  Sometimes on Linux it will get past
> this point as I mentioned, but will ultimately break down eventually.
> Next, it is happening when a text map is added to a display.  We found
> this by commenting out the aspect call and seeing where it would break
> again.  Take out the text section and everything works fine.
> Any insight on this issue?  We are attempting to build the most
> current version of the visAD code so we can debug and find out where
> in that code it is having issues.  Thanks.
> Cheers,
> James
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