[visad] visad with java 1.6


I am having issues with an application written in Java which uses
visAD to produce the visuals.  Everything works fine when using Java
1.5.  However, when using 1.6, we experience problems.  On windows it
results in the program stalling in what appears to be an infinite loop
before the display is presented on the screen.  In Linux, the display
will be presented to the screen and then freeze up.  Sometimes
however, you can interact normally with the application; but sooner or
later (usually very soon, like one or two refreshes), when the screen
is refreshed it will freeze.  We have tracked it down the source of
the issue and it is in two main areas:

First, in a call to setAspectCartesian().  It will stall indefinitely
on Windows here and never present the display.  On Linux, it will
sometimes stall at this call, but the display is on the screen, with
its aspect unadjusted of course.  Sometimes on Linux it will get past
this point as I mentioned, but will ultimately break down eventually.

Next, it is happening when a text map is added to a display.  We found
this by commenting out the aspect call and seeing where it would break
again.  Take out the text section and everything works fine.

Any insight on this issue?  We are attempting to build the most
current version of the visAD code so we can debug and find out where
in that code it is having issues.  Thanks.


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