re: visad updates

Just a small request regarding the visad updates. Could there be some form of incremental versioning? I have used visad for about 18 months now and every single 'latest version' is called 2.0 ;) I can hear the chat now "Hey, that new visad jar you installed broke my app, I'll need to go back to version 2.0. Um, this IS version 2.0. Well, I want the other version 2.0" and so on....

I appreciate the 'LAST UPDATED' link on the visad home page, but that is of no help once you're using the library locally.

As a follow on, could the jars be built so that they unjar into a single directory, e.g. visad-2.0.1/visad/.... rather than just visad/. Then a new download would go into a single directory, even if it was unjarred in the 'wrong' location.

OK, a third request, could the build system from source not be an via Ant? I'll write and contribute the script myself even Fiddling with classpath env vars and using Make seems a little dated in this Ant age.

Just my two cents.


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