Re: Lat/Lon to Polar: Revisited

> Aahhhh, you're right that Azimuth should increase (sorry about the
> confusion).  My problem is that as I pass through North (from the radar
> perspective) I either go from 359.999 to 0 degrees, or 360.0 to 0.01
> degrees.  Hence the temporary (one gridpoint) decrease in Azimuth (see
> attached image).  At the same time, my range will decrease from X = 0,
> to X = 516 and then increase from X = 517 to X = 1033.  How would I work
> around that?

For angles, you can just increment them past 360.0. In
the conversion to Cartesian coordinates angles pass
through trig functions which are periodic, so they
produce the same value for an angle of 430.0 as they do
for 70.0.

If your range values decrease then increase, then your
sampling has a fold and is not really a grid. I'd say
draw a rough picture of your sample locations and see
if there isn't something wrong with the assumption of
range values decreasing then increasing.

Good luck,

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