Re: Lat/Lon to Polar: Revisited

Bill Hibbard wrote:

Azimuth is an angle (essentially the same as longitude according to
my understanding) so I would expect it to either increase or decrease
consistently around the circle, rather than do some of both.

Hi Bill,

Aahhhh, you're right that Azimuth should increase (sorry about the confusion). My problem is that as I pass through North (from the radar perspective) I either go from 359.999 to 0 degrees, or 360.0 to 0.01 degrees. Hence the temporary (one gridpoint) decrease in Azimuth (see attached image). At the same time, my range will decrease from X = 0, to X = 516 and then increase from X = 517 to X = 1033. How would I work around that?



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