Help: Transparency problems. Holes in the surface! Is this a known problem and how to fix it?


I have an irregular 3D surface - a head with some EEG
signal plotted on the top of the head. I use
DelaunayCustom to set up the Irregular3DSet. Now
instead of making it an RGB ScalarMap I am using RGBA
and I want to make the whole image partially
transparent. There is a seconday contour plot but that
is RGB and is fine as you can see in the images

Look at the images included. It is funky. When I
rotate the image in certain directions I find that
there are some wierd artifacts. It is like the colors
are painted on the inside of the head rather than on
the outside. Then there are places where I can see
clear triangles on the inside and holes. It does not
make any sense. Why are there holes in the colors? Why
are there light gray bands across the face when I know
I have set all the values in that area to be the same
exact gray color(the darker shade of gray).

Please help. I looked at Test20 but it does not seem
to be describing this problem. I could not find any
similar problems in the archives. 



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