Re: Alpha Blending?

Hi Kevin,

> > You could try to make the geometry of each beam a little
> > wider so they overlap. That might give you the effect you
> > want.
> >
> >
> The beams already overlap (please see:
> )
> Notice the double yellow-dashed lines.  Where they are close to each
> other is actually where the beams overlap.  If you look closely, you can
> see the edge of the pink beam width (1.45) underneath the purple beam
> width (2.4), but where they overlap there is no blending of color or
> opacity.

This may be a rendering order problem. If you change the order of
the addReference() calls for the different beams, that may help
(if they are all in one Field Data object, you may be able to change
the order of the Field values). No sure if this will work. If it
doesn't, then you may need to resort to a ScalarMap to Alpha, and
explicitly render the overlap areas as geometries with greater
values mapped to Alpha.

> So it is one DataRenderer per one DataReference?  And if I want to have
> an array of DataReferences "linked" to a single DataRenderer, must I
> create a custom DataRenderer?

Yep. But it takes pretty unusual circumstances to actually
need more than one DataReference per DataRenderer.

Good luck,

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