Re: Range Dilemma

Hi Kevin,

> I appear to have a display range dilemma.  I know I can cut off the
> range of a ScalarMap by doing the following:
> . . .
> Using this technique, I'm sure I can fill in the remaining corner of the
> display outline ( upper right corner of this image:
> ).
> However, if I use this technique, I am unable to display the labels in
> the right panel of this image:
> Is there a way that I can fill in the upper right corner (inside the
> border) of the first image while keeping the labels outside the display
> border like the 2nd image?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'fill in the upper right corner',
but any Data with your RealTypes 'h' and 's' that you have
mapped to SelectRange will be subject to your range limits.
The only way around this is to construct your label Data using
different RealTypes (perhaps 'h1' and 's1') mapped to XAxis and
YAxis but not mapped to SelectRange. Your 'h1' and 's1' would
have the same calls to ScalarMap.setRange() as your 'h' and 's'.

Good luck,