Range Dilemma


I appear to have a display range dilemma. I know I can cut off the range of a ScalarMap by doing the following:

    // limit ranges of plotted lines to 400 (x) and 25 (y)
    yRangeMap = new ScalarMap( h, Display.SelectRange);
    xRangeMap = new ScalarMap( s, Display.SelectRange);

    RangeControl yRangeControl = (RangeControl) yRangeMap.getControl();
    RangeControl xRangeControl = (RangeControl) xRangeMap.getControl();

    double[] yRange = {0.0, 25.0};
    double[] xRange = {0.0, 400.0};

Using this technique, I'm sure I can fill in the remaining corner of the display outline ( upper right corner of this image: http://www.cimms.ou.edu/~kmanross/VCPRPE/Irreg2DSet.gif ).

However, if I use this technique, I am unable to display the labels in the right panel of this image:

Is there a way that I can fill in the upper right corner (inside the border) of the first image while keeping the labels outside the display border like the 2nd image?

Many thanks!


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