Re: Intersection of FlatFields

Hi Kevin,

> I'm having a major brain-cramp in trying to figure out how to get the
> MIN/MAX (range) values that you suggest.  I've looked at the min() and
> max() methods defined in DataImpl and Data and am just not getting it
> (how to use them).  Would I call max( FlatField ), since FlatField
> extends DataImpl?  How does VisAD calculate the MIN/MAX (what method(s))?

I meant the max() and min() methods of DataImpl. Given two
compatible Fields f1 and f2, you can compute a Field whose
values are their max's or min's with f1.max(f2) or f1.min(f2).
But as I said in my previous message, this can't quite get
you what you need. You will need to use your original idea
of simply looping through the values of f1 and f2 (if they
don't have the same sampling, you can call something like
'newf1 = f1.resample(f2.getDomainSet());' before you loop
through their samples.

> On a different topic, the project that I am working on is contracted out
> and the program will be delivered to a third party.  Are there any legal
> issues/disclaimers that I must consider (outside of giving proper credit
> to the VisAD developers) when my project is finished and the program is
> delivered?

No problem. VisAD is licensed under the LGPL, which means
that as long as your system uses VisAD as a library (i.e.,
as long as you haven't cut and paste code from VisAD into
your system), you're OK.

Good luck,

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