Re: Intersection of FlatFields

Thanks, Bill. What if I simply wanted to get the maximum range value (domain->range) of f1? (not even worried about f2 at this point) Is there a VisAD method for that, or would I just get the range values (getFloats) and loop through them to find the max range value?

Thanks again.

Bill Hibbard wrote:

I meant the max() and min() methods of DataImpl. Given two
compatible Fields f1 and f2, you can compute a Field whose
values are their max's or min's with f1.max(f2) or f1.min(f2).
But as I said in my previous message, this can't quite get
you what you need. You will need to use your original idea
of simply looping through the values of f1 and f2 (if they
don't have the same sampling, you can call something like
'newf1 = f1.resample(f2.getDomainSet());' before you loop
through their samples.

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