Re: Intersection of FlatFields

Hi Bill,

I'm having a major brain-cramp in trying to figure out how to get the MIN/MAX (range) values that you suggest. I've looked at the min() and max() methods defined in DataImpl and Data and am just not getting it (how to use them). Would I call max( FlatField ), since FlatField extends DataImpl? How does VisAD calculate the MIN/MAX (what method(s))?


On a different topic, the project that I am working on is contracted out and the program will be delivered to a third party. Are there any legal issues/disclaimers that I must consider (outside of giving proper credit to the VisAD developers) when my project is finished and the program is delivered?

Thanks again!


Bill Hibbard wrote:

VisAD enables you
to compute the MAX and MIN of two FlatFields (including
implicit resampling of one FlatField to the samples of the

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