Re: Image rendering

Hi Bill-

Bill Hibbard wrote:
I think I see what is going on. Try calling:


and please let me know if that fixes it.

I did try that, but that doesn't completely fix the problem. I updated
the web page showing the result (last image). Actually, it
almost works (outlines are correct), but the color is all wrong.
FYI, this is a map to Display.RGBA, not Display.RGB.
Also, could this be made to work with a ConstantMap instead of
for all displays (just as was done for TextureEnable).

I also tried calling GraphicsModeControl.setCurvedSize(1)
and it almost all displays.  However, setting it to 0 disables
texture mapping, so that's not an option.  This too would be
good as a ConstantMap (and looks like it might be simple to

Thanks for the help.

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