Re: Image rendering

Hi Don,

> We've been working on displaying radar data in our IDV and
> have come across the following problem which we'd like to
> solve.
> When rendering radar data that has missing values with the
> DefaultRendererJ3D(), the edges between the missing and non-
> missing regions are blocky and whole regions of the image
> are not displayed.
> If we use the ImageRendererJ3D() the image is rendered
> "correctly".
> For 3D views (Gridded3DSet on a 2D manifold), we can't
> use ImageRendererJ3D(), so we end up with blocky edges
> to the displays.
> I've put a set of images at:
> which shows the behavior.
> Is there a simple way to have the IRJ3D behavior with the default
> renderer?

I think I see what is going on. Try calling:


and please let me know if that fixes it.

Good luck,

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